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Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

I love Africa and when I grow old and grey, I want to look back and recognise my contribution to its development. I do not want to be part of those Africans that just watched it from the sidelines, shaking their heads as though it was a cursed land. I want my children to know a peaceful and wonderful Africa, and my blog is a place where I share the good and bad, to educate and congratulate my continent. Most people did not know Rwanda was a beautiful and green country until they saw the pictures on my previous post titled – Weekly Writing Challenge: Green. I am happy that they know now, because they can go and share that knowledge with someone else and then eventually everybody will have a balanced opinion/view about the country.

Below are a few photographs taken during my three months in Akure (Nigeria) where I volunteered as an English teacher in a local secondary school. I also got involved in several  community projects whose aims were to sensitise the community about HIV/AIDS prevention, child/human rights and sustainable living.

When I initially went out there, I had this idea that I was going over there to impart my knowledge and skills to save the poor. When I came back I felt as though I had learned more in three months than I had done during my four years at university. I had amassed a new zeal for life; I was touched and moved every day by the courage, happiness, hope and love that I witnessed and even experienced for myself. People don’t exaggerate when they say that African people have this amazing ability to smile and laugh through the pain and suffering. I was touched deeply and I cannot wait to return!

In the school’s computer room, standing with three young women who had recently been recruited as teachers. #GirlPower

Team Building Exercise. Do you TRUST your team?

With the kids I met when the car broke down in the middle of nowhere, they were better posers than me

with a waste basket on my head about to go and donate them to local taxi/bus drivers and shop owners in the shopping complex.

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9 thoughts on “Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

  1. I have just read a novel about Africa (in particular, the Congo) called The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver. It really helped me understand the history and people of the region. Do you know of a similar novel about Rwanda or other parts of Africa that would be good to read? I would like to understand more.

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